Easy-to-Assemble Platform Bed Frames for All Bedrooms

Constructed from authentic metal steel, our platform bed frames provide adequate support to all types of mattresses to ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Rugged, Heavy-Duty Platform Bed Frames You’ll Love

Every person needs a good bed to ensure a good night’s rest. When picking a bed, there is a whole world of styles and designs to choose from. But nothing beats the NEST platform bed frames. Our bed frames feature a solid base that holds your mattress firmly without the use of a bulky box spring. Each has the strength to support up to 3,500 lbs. Not only do these bed frames have a sleek style that can fit into any décor scheme but they’re also very practical. You don’t need screws, tools, bolts, or special skills to install our bed frames. NEST Platform Bed Frames are available in full, queen, and king sizes. Here are platform bed frames that we offer:

NEST QuickLock Platform Bed Frame

This bed frame features a quick-lock assembly system that needs no tools or fasteners to set up. It has a 14” height, ensuring maximum stability and comfort when you get in and out of bed. Our bed frame’s legs have protective caps to prevent damage to your flooring. It also has a versatile folding feature that makes it easy for you to move it from room to room.

NEST SmartFold Platform Bed Frame

Looking to minimize your bedroom space? The NEST SmartFold is the perfect platform bed frame for you. You can easily fold it when it’s not in use and store it. This will help create more space in your room and makes it look tidier and more organized. It is also a no-tool, single assembly bed frame.

Benefits of Platform Bed Frames


Platform bed frames don’t require box springs. This makes them more affordable than a bed frame and box spring combination. If you are on a tight budget, platform beds may be the right fit for you.

Optimal Support

Your mattress’s life depends on the surface and construction materials of the foundation. Our platform bed frames offer optimal support to maximize your mattress’s life. It is also made of quality steel so you don’t have to worry about rust ruining your mattress.

Fast and Easy to Assemble

You can put together and break apart platform bed frames with simple instructions. Perfect for minimalistic, rustic, and other types of bedroom designs.

Why Customers Choose NEST

NEST is your one-stop-shop for premium platform bed frames. In the past seven years, we have produced over two million bed frames for homes, hospitals, universities, and more. Our team uses quality steel to create strong and stylish beds, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction. We offer a 5-Year warranty that allows you to choose the NEST platform bed frame with confidence.

Buy Stylish Platform Bed Frames to Revamp Your Bedroom

Need a new bed frame? NEST platform bed frames are an ideal fit. Not only are they strong but also easy and fast to assemble. You’ll be ready to take a nap in 10 minutes. Get in touch to learn more.